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Latest Tweets

@gryffinofficialJan 21
@christophguddl go for it dude
@gryffinofficialJan 17
Just finished up a new remix. What song do you think it was?
@gryffinofficialJan 17
Teamed up with @musicallyapp for a giveaway to celebrate the #WholeHeart music vid @HannahStocking @bipolarsunshine
  • Thank YOU for making 2016 the best year of my life. Here's to an even better 2017!
  • Thank you guys for the incredible support on the #WholeHeart music video. We teamed up with our friends at for a little giveaway so check out the contest there
  • Always look both ways
  • Heading down to sunny Miami this weekend to play some tunes at #CoronaElectricBeach. Free tix at @FindYourElectricBeach. See you guys soon 😎☀️
  • The Whole Heart Music Video is finally here! Featuring my good friend @bipolar___sunshine and the amazing @hannahstocking . Full video link in bio ❤️